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Rigid Machinery Going to Create Magnificence in 2016

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A new year began, Rigider were on a new journey, to strive to become a first-class enterprise, striving to be first-class products! After 2015 trials, Rigid people had more confidence, more clear direction of development. After the resumption of work, Rigid machinery made it clear and confirmed the emphasis of the work and development goals of this year.

1, Rigid system construction in 2016. The perfect guarantee system ensures the sustainable development of enterprises.

2, Rigid new mechanical technology in 2016. The good technology can guarantee the good products, there will be no development without innovation.

3, Rigid internationalized in 2016. A large increase customers from overseas countries is a new power source, is our new technology and new ideas source, to meet customer demand from the world, go out and create Rigid world brand.

4, Rigid machinery quality in 2016. Quality is the life of enterprise, quality is no small matter, and we will continue to improve product quality like suspended platform/cradle/gondola, hoist/winch and safety lock/fall arrester, meet the most stringent test requirements.

5, Rigid quality service in 2016. Wholeheartedly service is always our aim, close service to the customer, put our feet in customers’ shoes, especially to improve the training system, will work throughout the year.

Thank our friends and customers’ support, Rigid machinery will go forward in suspended platform business line!


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