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GJPT-PE series boiler maintenance platform with end stirrup

Rigid GJPT-P series boiler maintenance platform can be divided into GJPT-PE (End stirrup) and GJPT-PL (L stirrup), the rated load is 630KG and 800KG with length 3-12m.

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pe 750.png

Boiler maintenance platform is a kind of maintenance and inspection equipment which is hung by the suspension mechanism on the top of boiler, and driven by the hoist through the wire rope to move along the façade of water cooled wall. It is designed for the maintenance and inspection of the water cooled wall of large boilers in thermal power, nuclear power, chemical pharmaceutical, paper lines.

Rigid GJPT-P series boiler maintenance platform is based on the China standard GB/T34029-2017 which has advantages of fast assemble and disassemble, convenient operation, easy moving, safe and reliable and so on. With our GJPT-P series, it can replace the traditional maintenance equipment like scaffolding, reduce the construction cost and period.

GJPT-P series boiler maintenance platform is made of 6061 aluminum alloy with the suspension jibs made of hot galvanized steel, which is an integrated structure. It can be assembled inside the boiler by passing through a 400mm entrance, and applied to the surface inspection of all types of boilers.

pe 715 tuzhi.jpg

The relationship in end stirrup platform length and rated load

GJPT-PE series參數 

GJPT-PE Technical Parameter

GJPT-PE series參數2

Safety systems

To ensure safe operation without danger to personnel, the platform is fitted with the following safety devices:

1) Service brake incorporated in the LTD hoist.

2) Two fall arrest devices (Anti-tilt LSF safety lock) acting on the safety wire ropes.

3) Two upper limit switches.

4) Emergency stop.

5) No power descent in case of power failure.

6) Phase controller.

7) Wire rope reeler (option)

8) Overload sensor incorporated in the LTD hoists according to EN 1808. (Option)


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